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Building my own gaming PC, need help.?

Hi, I'm currently in the process of building my own gaming PC. For the most part I've chosen all my parts, but I want to make sure it'll be a pretty solid build and will last me a while. Here's what I've chosen: CPU: Intel Core i7 870 Processor (2.93 GHz) Motherboard: EVGA X58 SLI Classified Motherboard Video Card: Diamond 5870PE51G ATI Radeon HD5870 Video Card Hard Drive: Western Digital WD5000AAKS Caviar Blue Hard Drive (500GB) Case: Thermaltake VH6000BWS Armor+ Full-Tower ATX Case RAM: Corsair Core i7 Dominator 6GB PC12800 DDR3 RAM Power Supply: OCZ OCZ700SXS2 StealthXStream 2 700W Power Supply - 700 Watt, ATX, 80+ Certified, 120mm Fan I'm also probably going to buy an aftermarket CPU cooler, any recommendations on where I can find one? Anything else you'd recommend I buy, or anything I don't need? Overall the whole things going to cost about $1,600, and I certainly wouldn't mind saving a little money. Thanks.

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  1. See it's so cool how gaming computer's don't cost a billion dollar's like alot of these really popular regular computer's. But by what I can see you have pretty much the best(not the very best, or 100,000 dollar version, eh you now what I mean(: There are water cooler's just in-case it try's to over heat then there's also overclocking, but getting out of that. I think with this build you've got the best you can get for a smooth and cool road down the gaming road. Im going to get my own eventually, but nothing near as good as this. Though the price is pretty solid, there's no more really cheaper version's. But I think once you've got it, you'll have it for good. Hope you like it and hope you have a good time gaming (:

  2. Your setup is pretty good in my opinion and should last a good few years (I'm thinking 4+) Although I'd up the hard drive or get two, 500 GB doesn't really go far with gaming. For example the average game is about 5GB of space, and high class games like Prototype, GTA IV, Assassin's Creed 2, and Crysis that go out of it's way with graphics and options is 9GB+

    Everything else looks really nice except your Mother Board/Tower on the tower in the specs it said the only supported mother boards are ATX, Micro ATX, Extended ATX. I'd recheck to see if the mother board is guaranteed to fit before you buy it.

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