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Could someone rate my PC build?

Okay, with some help from a previous question I have assembled a gaming build and I was wondering if anyone would care to take a look and tell me if it is good for a gaming machine and also if the parts will work together as I really don't want to get all the parts, assemble it and then find that it doesn't start. Here's what I have so far: Oh, and also will I need any additional cooling, like for the processor and the RAM, I'm not sure if the processor comes with a heatsink or not. Any help would be great! Changed the RAM to dual channel:

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  1. You probably won't need more cooling, but fans are only like 10 dollars each online.

    If you want a longer lasting system, invest in an aftermarket cpu fan/cooler. This will keep your cpu cooler than with the stock cooler that comes with it, thus making it last longer.

    Also, don't buy those RAM sticks. Your processor only supports dual channel ram, meaning that RAM always needs to be in pairs. Buy specifically dual channel RAM on that site (I'm in the US, so I haven't visited that site). Make sure it's DDR3.

    Everything else is fine, it should be a great system.

  2. make sure you do have a heat-sink

    you may find a couple of additional case fans will help ,,,so a larger tower

    yes it sounds like a good build

    except the size of your hard drive

    go for 2 x 500gb drives instead of 1 x 1000gb drive

  3. It's very close! I think that since your motherboard is daul channel, you should stick to pairs of RAM. Maybe 4 sticks of 2GB?

    Corsair 8GB (4x2GB) Daul channel (


    Xclio Propeller Midi Tower Case (ATX)

    Gigabyte Intel H55 Express 1156 Motherboard

    Intel i5 750 CPU 2.66ghz 8mb cache

    XFX HD 5770 Graphics Card 1GB GDDR5

    1TB Samsung 7200RPM hdd

    Yes the processor says it comes with the heatsink and fan.

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