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Is there anyway I can get a wired connection with my current wiring in my house?

Hi, I have a gaming PC and I'm getting really annoyed using Wireless. I was hoping I can get a wired network, but my room has no Ethernet Cable or anything for internet, there is a cable modem connected to an ethernet wall outlet in my brothers room. Help!

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  1. Before you get fed up, check out the Airport Express. It works flawlessly and streams music with ease. For $99 the Airport Express can stream audio 150 feet with out a hitch. If you have a moment, click on the link.


  2. Unless you run a CAT5 cable from the modem to the game console, you would have to install a wireless router and use that. I have a hard-wired Ethernet network that has at least two outlets in each room of the house (I installed it when I remodeled my house). But, my wife had her computer whiz-kid son install a wireless router at the cable modem. It is encrypted, so someone can't just hop onto my signal and use my internet connection. And, it works anywhere in the house at 54 Mbps, which should be more than adequate for gaming.

  3. Yes, you can install Powerline Ethernet adaptors. They are getting better and cheaper.

    Check LInksys and Netgear.

  4. If you are playing an XBox 360 you will probably need a fast internet connection. My son had the same complaint and we upgraded to a faster internet and now he said him XBox is faster than ever. He can even Host games which he was never able to do. We are wireless also. With gaming it takes lots of speed. If there are multiple uses in the house on games or computers you will always have a problem if you have Basic DSL. You have to have higher than Pro level service. Of course it costs more a month so you have to convince the person who pays the bill.

    I also bought him a Belkin N+N300 (802.11n) wireless adapter for his PC. I made a big difference!

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