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Need hardware assistance for PC gaming.?

Will intel DX58SO motherboard + intel i7-930 processor + Geforce GTX 460 graphics card + 4 GB DDR3 SD RAM be good enough to play 2010 & further releasing pc games like Mafia II, Assasins creed, Metro 2033, Splinter cell conviction, Batman Arkham asylum 2, Max payne III etc. on high graphics settings. All answers appreciated :)

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  1. Probably, high or medium, but definatly above regular settings

  2. it's more than enough

    for playing new games like igi reloded also

  3. intel DX58SO is not a good motherboard for gaming for LGA 1366 triple Chanel

    memory supported motherboard is perfect if u wanted to buy a motherboard than buy in ASUS MSI

    GIGABYT or brand like these other than that your system is perfect and u can play every

    game on this on max

    i hope this will help

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